Tuition is due in advance on each Monday of care. Tuition not paid by Tuesday at the close of business will be charged a late fee of $25.00 per day. Unless, prior arrangements have been made with the Director. We accept cash, check and most major credit cards for payment.

Tuition is the same for your child whether they attend 1-5 days. There are NO exceptions. This includes holidays. Your child’s spot is theirs until they are withdrawn.

First Step Learning Centre requires two weeks written notice when you withdraw your child. If two weeks written notice is not given, you are financially responsible for these two weeks unless this has been discussed and agreed upon with director.

Supply Fee’s are $130 every 3 months prior to enrollment.

March, June, September and December
The amount is $130.00 per child enrolled – Supply Fee’s are used to replenish toys and supplies needed for each classroom.

Our holiday schedule is posted at the front of the childcare centre office. There is NO reduction in weekly tuition over weeks with holidays.

When a holiday falls on a weekend – we will take either Friday or Monday as the childcare centre holiday.

A statement signed by your child’s physician will certify that the child has currently been examined and is able to participate in childcare activities. Immunization records must be kept updated.

Discipline consists of positive reinforcement only. The use of physical punishment is absolutely prohibited. The director will contact the parent in the event a child’s behavior becomes one of concern. It is our hope that a solution can satisfactory be reached between centre and parent.

Your child’s health is of great importance. If your child becomes ill while at childcare you will be notified. We ask that if your child is ill – Please don’t bring them to childcare centre.

If a child becomes ill at school we will notify you and you must pick up child for the child’s general well being as well as for the other children.

All medications given to a child at childcare must be authorized by written statement from the parent or physician. All prescription medications must be in their original container, indicating the child’s name, type and date of prescribed medication and the amount of dosage. All medications must go home daily state licensing. Over the counter medications will be given according to the labeled dosage only and must be plainly labeled with child’s name and taken home each day per state licensing. NO medications can be measured in advance or put into baby bottles. We administer medications at 11am and 3pm ONLY except in specific health care issues.

Medications not taken home daily must be destroyed. We must call you daily after dosage is given for any medication that is required daily at the same time unless a written statement states that daily notification is not necessary per state licensing needs a written form stating this.

NO transportation is offered at this childcare centre.

After lunch a naptime is mandatory for all children. To protect the health of each child we provide your child with their own sheet. Blankets should be provided by parents. The size must be small enough to fit into a standard pillow case that should be provided by the parent. Blankets must be taken home on Friday for laundering without exception.

Fire Drills are performed once monthly and severe weather drills are performed four (4) times annually. This is to acquaint your child with the evacuation procedures.

The school’s director or teacher must notify CPS or the local law enforcement officials by telephone when it appears that a child is being neglected or abused away from childcare.

NO field trips are offered at this childcare centre.

We furnish breakfast 7:00am – 8:15am, Lunch and afternoon snack. Menu is posted by the reception desk. All menus meet the USDA guidelines. Any specific dietary restrictions for health or religious reasons will be honored upon notification in writing of parent to the director at the time of enrollment.

The staff makes every effort to ensure the safety of your child while in care. Unfortunately, some minor accidents do occur. We will notify you immediately in the event of illness or accident. Parents are responsible for medical bills that may arise from minor accidents.

In case of serious injury we will call 911 immediately and make every effort to contact you immediately. If we can not reach you, we will call the person that you have listed on your enrollment forms. Our #1 priority is getting medical attention for the child. We will accompany the paramedics to Children’s Medical Center and stay with your child until parents arrive.

School pictures are taken two/three times per year. There is NO charge at the time of the photo session. The purchase of the photographs is optional.

According to the IRS childcare expenses for working parents is tax deductible. A statement of your payments will be given to parents by January 31 for the preceding year of service. Please obtain your tax information at the time of withdrawal. Records on in house computers are deleted and forwarded to center’s accountant at the time of the child’s withdraw. It is your responsibility to keep these records in a safe place after receiving them as duplicates will be unavailable.

Children will be released only to the persons listed on your enrollment sheet. NO phone request will be honored for the safety of your child.

Click here for a printable copy of our inclement weather policy.