Extra Curricular Activities:

First Step Learning Centre offers many different programs for you to enroll your child in.  We have a wide variety of activities so there is something for all interests. Each program does classes once a week in our childcare center just for our students!  The programs are as followed:

Gym Stations Dance Adventures:

-Themed weekly classes to keep your little dancer engaged

-Fundamentals of Jazz, Tap, Ballet, and Hip-Hop taught.

-Recital “Show-Offs” twice a year, in May and December!

-A preschool health/fitness session taught at end of each class.


Gym Stations Flippers:

-A preschool gymnastics and fitness program

-Themed weekly classes to keep you little gymnast engaged

-Gross motor skill development through balance, rolling, and basic tumbling

-Emphasis on sharing and teamwork, and great for self esteem!

-A preschool health/fitness session taught at the end of each class.